Burma in Portrait Exhibition

All proceeds from the exhibition will fund a project to build a school for impoverished children in the Irrawaddy Delta region of Burma. The planned construction project will provide a clean, safe place to learn all year round. Visit www.blueskyproject.com.au for more information and to learn more about this project.

Woman with Flowers

Thanaka is a sandalwood paste worn as sunscreen and as decoration. Here a woman selling fish wears thanaka on her face and flowers in her hair.

Travelling Monk

Just like the rest of us, monks keep connected with mobile phones

Sales Woman

Traders sell their wares from boats along Inle Lake. Here a sales woman counts her money while smoking a hand rolled cigar.

Monk in Window

Monks are ubiquitous in Burmese life. Here an elderly monk looks out of a window at a Buddhist school.

Metal Worker

Burmese people often work out in the open to attract customers.

Lady Cleaning

Mornings in the back alleys of Yankin are all about eating and cleaning. Here a woman cleans the front of her home.

Girl and Brother

Poorer workers often take their children to work. Here a girl cares for her brother while their mother works nearby.

Chicken Seller

Fresh food and markets are a key part of everyday life in Burma. Here a woman announces the arrival of fresh chicken to her customers.

Brick Worker

Yangon is a constant hum of work and development. Here a woman balances bricks on her head to move them to a nearby worksite.

Burma in Portrait

Beautiful diversity of Burmese people in the context of their daily working lives.